Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Review

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Review

Bob Wood of MyMac recently conducted a product review of the EZQuest Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover. Wood is a commercial and fine arts photographer, as well as an avid Mac user. Active in the Tucson Mac User Group, we take to heart his summary,

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover Product Review by MyMac
EZQuest Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover Product Review by MyMac

The EZQuest Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Cover will be a valuable tool for those Adobe Photoshop CC artists who are not at the extremes of the learning curve.

Since 1995, MyMac has published all things Macintosh-related. To read the entire review, visit EZQuest Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Cover – Review.

About the Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

EZQuest’s Photoshop Shortcuts Cover is the perfect accessory for Photoshop users who have not yet memorized all their favorite shortcuts or students new to Photoshop. Made of high-quality, silky-soft silicone, the cover slips onto your keyboard and stays put. There is no slippage and typing is not affected.

Other products on the market offer expensive keyboards specifically designed for using Photoshop or stickers, which are inconvenient and messy. EZQuest’s shortcuts skins use a heat-infusion technique that prevents chipping and cracking. Another benefit is the protection it provides your keyboard from spills, dirt and dust.

EZQuest Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover
Closeup of EZQuest’s Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover.

Specs for the Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

  • Metallic multi-color keys with color-coded printing
  • Spill- and dust-proof
  • Heat-fused process, no chipping or cracking
  • Increase productivity and save time
  • Perfectly engineered to fit your keyboards
  • Superior typing and noise reduction
  • Silky-soft and ultra-thin
  • Made with the finest Silicone
  • Hand washable
  • Fits Both US and European (ISO) keyboards

For faster delivery, order your keyboard shortcuts cover from BestBuy.

Other keyboard shortcuts skins offered by EZQuest

If you’re just looking to protect your Mac keyboard, consider our clear invisible and our Color Expressions! keyboard covers.

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