EZQuest Product Reviews

EZQuest Product Reviews

EZQuest Product Reviews

EZQuest is thankful to the following people who took the time to conduct EZQuest product reviews. If you write for an outlet that covers our types of products, feel free to contact us for products you wish to review.

EZQuest Product Reviews:

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3/12/22 Imore.com: https://www.imore.com/ezquest-has-new-range-new-usb-c-gan-chargers-20w-120w

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11/12/21 Forbes.com: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2021/11/12/ezquests-brand-new-hub-is-perfect-for-those-usb-c-peripherals/?sh=50c8b3fc505e

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02/11/2021, DarkVision Hardware: USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter 8 Ports with 4K 60Hz and Power Delivery 3.0 Part No. X40228

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EZQuest Products Awarded buy No Longer Available:

01/2012, TopTenReviews:  EZQuest Pro Monsoon

04/05/2011, TVTechnology:  EZQuest Studio V Storage Array

09/08/2010, DV Magazine:  Excellence Award from DV Magazine for Studio V

03/09/2009, macnn: First Look: Thunder Pro A/V Quad Interface Drive

02/26/2010,Macworld: EZQuest Thunder RAID eSATA/USB Review

09/08/2010, DV Magazine: Excellence Award for Studio V

05/28/2009, MacWorld Magazine: MacWorld 4 Mice Award for Thunder Pro A/V Quad Interface Drive

09/29/2009, AUDIOHOLICS Online A/V Magazine: The New Home Theater PC

09/08/2010, DV Magazine: Excellence Award from DV Magazine for Studio V

09/08/2010, DV Magazine: Excellence Award from DV Magazine for Studio V

O’Shea Read, Associate Producer “I Melt With You”

I cannot say enough great things about EZQuest drives. After years of buggy unreliable drives, I have finally found a company/Drive that is not only reliable, but fast! We recently wrapped shooting on the feature “I Melt With You”, cutting on Final Cut, and using the EZQuest Studio V for all of our editorial storage. Every day we shot with at least 4 cameras on an 18 day shoot…So you can only imagine the amount of media. Using the Studio V gave me the confidence that our media was safe and secure. We couldn’t have finished the film without them.

Skip Longfellow First Assistant Sound Editor for Moulin Rouge, X-Men, Max Payne, Tropic Thunder and The A-Team

Enclosed is the 1TB Thunder Pro drive you generously let us test for the last month.
We have put the drive though some rigorous tests, asking it to play back the most demanding
ProTools session we have generated to date. Enclosed is a screenshot of this session, carrying
203 tracks, in excess of the 192 tracks ProTools allows to be voiced at a single time. In addition
to being large, the session consists of PreDub and Stem tracks, solid audio tracks conformed to
match studio re-cut of a film project after a preliminary PrintMaster had been completed.
Long, continuous audio tracks are the hardest thing for ProTools to play back without issue. This
session exacerbates that burden with the addition of hundreds of edits in the tracks, which forces
the software to double-buffer the ʻfilesʼ on both sides of the edit. This is a massive session, and
only the most robust systems can even attempt to play it back without interruption.
In short, this session has become a benchmark… and how long it takes the session to fail is our
measure of the robustness of a ProTools system.
At 6 DSP, voicing 192 tracks, we can get the Thunder Pro drive to fail in 5-10 seconds (-9073 aka
ʻdisk to slowʼ). However we found that by reducing the voice count to 144 tracks, we could get
the drive to playback all voiced tracks, sometime playing for several minutes across complicated
re-edited section before stopping. That is no small feat, especially considering both audio and
video were being forced down a single, FireWire 800 cable. Tests were accomplished on several
ProTools HD2 systems, all running PT 7.4.2.
An FX editor in our shop and a MX editor on the film Iʼm currently working on have recently
purchased several of these drives. It was a direct result of their seeing the Thunder Proʼs
handling of this brutal session.
Please accept our thanks for allowing us time to test the drive. We will keep the Thunder Pro in
mind as we look to purchase hard drives in the future.
Skip Longfellow


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