PhotoShop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover Review

PhotoShop Keyboard Shortcuts Cover Review

EZQuest USB C Cables ReviewsJohn Nemorovski of Nemo’s Hardware Store conducted a product review of a couple of  EZQuest’s keyboard covers for EssentialApple’s podcast. Specifically, he tested EZQuest’s Invisible Keyboard Cover and Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Cover for the Late-2016 MacBook Pro. Commenting on the look and feel, as well as the fit and ability to easily type, he gave both products a thumb’s up. You can listen to the review by clicking on the link: EZQuest Product Review Keyboard Covers.

While we encourage you to listen to the entire review, we transcribed a few key points here:

This was specifically designed for the new MacBook Pro 2016 one with the Touch Bar. And, I tried it on my 2015 MacBook Pro and it works for that also. So you can use it on the older MacBook Pro and it exposes your function keys and you will not need to get another keyboard cover when you upgrade to your 2016 or later laptop Mac with the Touch Bar.

The typing feels good. It feels really nice [because] it’s more plastic than rubbery…you don’t feel anything different, the pressure’s just right.

The other one I received had the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts on it…when you are talking about Photoshop shortcuts, there are so many that it is nice to have the color keyboard cover. Lasso tool, slice tool, eyedropper, dodge tool, pen tool, decrease brush size, increase brush size, it’s just a tiny cluster over on the right side. So it tells you exactly what they are and they are color-coding to let you know for different opacity, different brushes…Those of us who use Photoshop have most of these keys remembered , but in a teaching situation or a learning situation or people cannot remember what key goes where, this could be really helpful.

I think they have done a nice job. Consider the EZQuest keyboard covers.

To listen to the complete EssentialApple podcast, visit “Essential Apple Podcast 38: Apple, Patents, The Augmented Future and Running Out of Time“.

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