EZQuest USB-C Car Charger Now Shipping

EZQuest USB-C Car Charger Now Shipping


The USB-C Car Charger Comes with Two Ports: USB-C and USB; Perfect for Charging Newer and Older Electronics


USB-C Car Charger
EZQuest’s USB-C Car Charger

ANAHEIM, CA — May 09, 2017 — EZQuest, Inc., a leader in high-quality Apple® and mobile computing accessories, announced today that they are now shipping the EZQuest USB-C Car Charger with dual ports: one for connecting USB-C equipped electronics and another for older USB-style devices.

The EZQuest USB-C/USB Car Charger charges MacBook, MacBook Pro or any USB-C ready laptop or device on the road. Simple to use, it plugs into a vehicle’s 12- or 24-volt lighter outlet. Connect any USB-C device, or any standard USB devices to be charged. An LED light indicates when the device is receiving power and ready to charge. The USB-C port will charge your MacBook and MacBook Pro as well as any other USB-C ready devices. The standard USB Port will power your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many more USB friendly devices. Built-in circuit protection ensures that the device is protected at all times while charging.

 USB-C Car Charger Features

  • One USB-C™ port and one USB port
  • Designed for a faster charge, 3Amps USB-C – 2.4Amps USB
  • Charge the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, or any other USB-C ready devices, while travelling in a vehicle equipped with a 12- or 24-vold lighter outlet
  • Equipped with one USB port for charging an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other devices using a USB charger
  • Built-in circuit protection
  • Anodized aluminum design
  • One (1) year warranty

Furthermore, the EZQuest USB-C / USB dual car charger is available for $35.99 MSRP. More details on the new product can be found at http://ezq.com/usb-c-car-charger-dual-port-usb-c-usb–details.html.

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