July 4th Holiday Sale; 15% Off Everything in the Store

July 4th Holiday Sale; 15% Off Everything in the Store

EZQuest’s July 4th Holiday Sale going on through July 9th. Get 15% off of our popular USB-C cables and adapters, Mac keyboard covers and power accessories.

July 4th Holiday Sale; USB C Cables Adapters Coupon


July 4th Holiday Sale Includes USB-C cables and adapters.

Our list of cables and adapters during the July 4th Holiday Sale:

  • USB-C to HDMI cables and adapters
  • USB-C Gigabit Ethernet cables
  • USB-C to USB adapters
  • USB-C to USB cables
  • USB-C card readers

Other cables and adapters:

  • Lightning cable with LED smart charging for iPhones
  • Mini DisplayPort HDMI cables and adapters

July 4th Holiday Sale Includes Power Accessories and Mac Keyboard Covers

EZQuest Power accessories:

  • USB-C / USB car chargers
  • USB wall socket chargers

EZQuest Mac keyboard covers:

We have keyboard covers available for the latest Macbook and Macbook Pro keyboards.

After you have taken all those photos and videos of your July 4th holiday, shop with EZQuest during our July 4th Holiday Sale to get all the USB-C dongles you need to display your videos over your HD TV. Edit your photos and videos like a pro using our high-quality Mac keyboard shortcuts keyboard covers. Do you have the latest and greatest Macbook or Macbook Pro and find you are in need of USB-C connection cables and adapters to connect your new Mac to your storage, printer, etc? You can extend the life of those other investments!

EZQuest strives to deliver products that are made with only the highest quality design and materials. Our cables/adapters, keyboard covers and power accessories are made to last with attractive design and durability. Since 1994, EZQuest has supplied the Mac and mobile computing market with long lasting products designed with our customers in mind. Have you ever bought a Lightning charger for your phone only to have it separate from the end and expose wires within a couple of weeks’ use? You won’t have that problem with EZQuest products. In fact, we offer a one-year warranty with all of our cables and adapters. With 15% off, stock up on everything! Use the discount code EZQJul4 or click on the image above to get your discount applied to your purchase!



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