EZQuest Adds New MacBook Pro Keyboard Covers

EZQuest Adds New MacBook Pro Keyboard Covers


MacBook Pro Keyboard Covers

Clear, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Language Covers Designed for 15”, 13”, and 12” Models (with and without Touch Bar); All Covers Are Certified As “No Detectable Latex Materials” 

ANAHEIM, CA — January 17, 2016 — EZQuest, Inc., a leader in high-quality Apple® and mobile computing accessories, announced today the expansion of its keyboard covers product line to include compatibility with Apple’s recently announced MacBook Pro®. EZQuest’s 2016 MacBook Pro keyboard covers include clear covers for keyboard protection, creative software editing with keyboard shortcuts, and foreign language covers for U.S./European-based keyboards. EZQuest’s keyboard covers are certified to have “no detectable latex materials”; which is beneficial for people allergic to Latex.

The latest additions specifically include the following:

  • Clear Keyboard Cover (MSRP: $24.99): EZQuest’s Invisible Keyboard Cover offers keyboard protection from spills and dirt. Made of the highest-quality of silicone, the cover has a snug fit without movement during typing.
  • Creative Software Keyboard Shortcuts Covers (MSRP: $29.99): EZQuest’s keyboard shortcuts covers are made of the same high-quality silicone and are designed to speed up and simplify the editing of photos, graphical images and audio/video files. EZQuest is initially releasing keyboard shortcuts covers for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.
  • Language Keyboard Covers (MSPR: $25.99): The language covers are made of the same material as the clear keyboard covers. The first round of language keyboard covers scheduled for release are Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

For more information, visit EZQuest’s Web site: www.ezq.com.

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