EZQuest Mac Keyboard Covers

EZQuest Mac Keyboard Covers

Introducing New EZQuest Mac Keyboard Covers

Mac Keyboard Covers Available include Clear Keyboard Covers for Protection, Foreign Language Keyboard Covers, and Apple Final Cut Shortcuts

Anaheim, CA — December 11, 2013 — Computer accessory manufacturer EZQuest, Inc. announced today the debut of its new EZQuest Mac keyboard covers. The Apple® keyboard covers are available in a variety of models: Invisible and Invisible Ice (for keyboard protection), Foreign Language Keyboard Covers, and Apple Final Cut Shortcuts.

EZQuest Mac keyboard covers“Our new keyboard covers are molded to fit both US and European Apple keyboards and are durable enough to protect the computer while providing noise reduction,” said Ebrahim Zmehrir, CEO of EZQuest. “Not only do our high-quality keyboard covers offer protection for Apple keyboards, they also come in seven different languages, as well as a Final Cut Shortcuts version.”

The keyboard covers fit both U.S. and European Apple keyboards including Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Wireless and wired keyboards. EZQuest keyboard covers are designed with durable, ultra-thin material to protect and enhance Apple computer keyboards. The Invisible cover is perfect for MacBook Pro backlit keys and to safeguard Apple keyboards from dirt, spills and wear and tear, The Invisible Ice clear keyboard covers are easily folded for storage or washed. The Final Cut Shortcut Keyboard Cover is styled with multi-colored keys for easy task association.

Available Keyboard Covers include

  • Invisible and Invisible Ice transparent covers for keyboard protection
  • French, Hebrew/English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian/English, Spanish, and Arabic/English language covers
  • Final Cut Shortcuts covers

For more information, call 1 714 666-1716 or visit www.EZQ.com.

About EZQuest, Inc.

Since 1994, EZQuest Inc. has designed and manufactured high-quality storage products for the audio/video (A/V) and mobile accessories for the consumer technology markets. EZQuest’s consumer electronics accessory products include language and shortcut keyboard covers, cables, and battery backups for Apple and mobile consumer electronics.

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