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USB-C MacBook

  • Extend the Use of Older Display Monitors If you already have a display monitor that suits your needs, extend its use by connecting your new MacBook, MacBook Pro or any other USB-C equipped computer with our USB-C to VGA adapter. Be Ready to Present Use the EZQuest USB-C to VGA Adapter to take with you for presentations. You can rest assured that you are ready to present no matter your host’s projector type. Increase Productivity or Gaming Environment Add a second monitor or mirror your display to multi-task. No need to flip back and forth between programs on one display; have different programs open on each display. Enjoy Graphics on a Larger Screen Connect your new USB-C computer to larger VGA-equipped display to watch movies, play games, or display photos. Anodized Aluminum Sleeve Design EZQuest’s sleek cable design is precision-engineered with anodized aluminum sleeves on each end of the cable to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) from other nearby electronics for pristine picture quality.
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