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Color Expressions!

EZQuest offers keyboard protection for Mac in different colors. You can dress your keyboard in different colors, perhaps to match your laptop's cover, and protect your Mac investment from spills. We've all been there...accidentally spilling your coffee across your keyboard, snacking on food that falls all over your keyboard, or any other unexpected accident that makes you gasp, as you watch the spill disappear into your Apple investment. EZQuest designed the finest, most durable, yet ultra-thin, keyboard cover to protect and enhance your Apple keyboard. Pick a color, then your keyboard type, to order.
  • EZQuest’s Color Expressions! Keyboard Covers product-line is designed for Mac product lovers who enjoy making their Mac unique, while protecting their investment. Expressions! English currently comes in three colors: Black/Onyx, Pink/Fuchsia, and Blue/Azure. Color Expressions! Keyboard Cover for Mac has all the keyboard letters, numbers and symbols printed on the keyboard cover. The ultra-thin, silky soft cover provides a superior typing experience with noise reduction; it does not decrease your ability to type at your normal speed.  EZQuest Expressions! Mac Keyboard Covers for English EZQuest’s heat-fused keyboard cover provides the highest quality to ensure long-lasting durability that will not chip or crack. It is made with the finest, durable ultra-thin silicone material to protect and enhance your Apple computer keyboard. We have precision-engineered our cover to fit perfectly the first time you lay it down so it will not slip or slide. Put through extensive testing by a certified testing company, our keyboard covers were certified to have no detectable Latex material, which is excellent for people with Latex allergies. Our keyboard cover is made to fit U.S. Apple Mac-based keyboards. The EZQuest keyboard cover safeguards your keyboard from dirt, spills, and wear and tear. You can easily hand-wash it without getting damaged or losing its form.
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